I am stressed and this blog is me complaining about it

Hello again,

As you can probably tell by the title of this blog, I am stressed.

Yeah, yeah… I’m sure you don’t want to hear it… but I’m going to tell you anyways.

Today is a Sunday afternoon and I’m currently supposed to be selling some paint at Lowe’s. I called into work today as I am not feeling well, have been passing A LOT of blood (sorry…TMI but thats the reality of Ulcerative Pan-colitis) and have a million assignments to do. Today, I took a very much needed “me-day’ to catch up and hopefully relieve some of this stress.

In my Emerging Trends class I have an abundance of work to do. Laura, if you’re reading this… WHAT THE HECK GIRL. Now I know what you’re saying to me right now, Laura, and thats “If you manage your time well you should be able to do all of these assignments no problem”… Well I think it’s quite clear that AMIE HAS NOT BEEN MANAGING HER TIME WELL AND IS IN SOME SERIOUS TROUBLE. My fault, but what can ya do. (Love you Laura, you da bomb and I’m seriously just overreacting because I’m a redhead and that’s what I do).

I have 3 certifications to complete, each will be a big portion of my day and percent in MCOM9. I genuinely thought I was managing assignments well, but instead I pushed my certifications aside and completed work in my other 4 classes. I am honestly disappointed in myself for my lack of management skills. However, I have finished milestone #3, this is 2/3 of my blogs AND am filming my video this week with the help of my wonderful boyfriend.

Moving forward, I plan on dedicating a lot of time to getting my certifications in Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics. I am determined to get these done to help relieve this stress and well… be a certified marketer. That’d be pretty cool.

I’ll probably update you soon, wish me luck as I start one of these certs.

Amie Plume




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