Virtual Reality Sex

Hello again, its been awhile.

My blogging vacation has been wonderful and i’ve been enjoying myself without having to blog regularly. As you probably know, blogging isn’t my favourite task, but here I am… assigned to write yet another blog in my Emerging Trends in Marketing Communications class.

Honestly, this class has been scaring me a little. I have been very stressed thinking about where my life is going to take me after college. I have also been stressing as I’m afraid that I will not be able to continue my education with the recent OSAP cuts as I may not be able to afford the expenses and future debt.

Stress aside, this class has been interesting. Recently, we’ve been assigned a task to discuss an emerging trend in the industry that peaks our interest and can potentially change the way we currently live. I, awkwardly enough, have decided to talk about virtual reality sex.

My mother loves sci-fi movies and growing up I watched an abundance of them (bare with me, I promise this is essential information) like Men in Black, Independence Day and Demolition Man. These movies are not my cup of tea, but each portray a futuristic world that is starting to become a reality.

For instance, in Demolition Man, Silvester Stallone plays a character who wakes up in the future (2032) and experiences new and exciting things, one of them being virtual reality sex. In the movie, Sandra Bullock places a device over Stallone’s head and they being to fornicate (lol) without contact and strictly through mental stimulation. As a child, I never thought much of it because… I wasn’t interested or having sex. Now, I realize that this “futuristic phenomenon” aka VR sex, is in fact becoming and is a reality.

I can’t begin to fathom how crazy that is to me. Something portrayed in the early 90s is very common and becoming normal to our society. More men and women are beginning to use VR to pleasure themselves and human contact and relationships are not essential for romance and pleasure anymore. This, to me, is strange due to the fact that it is not hard to find a partner to hook up with in this day in age.

We live in a decade where hooking up and one night stands has never been easier. If I wanted to, I could probably find someone to sleep with in 15 minutes on my phone (Tinder) or in a bar/club. So why are humans looking to virtual reality for pleasure and relationships? Could it be the fact that its easier as no feelings are involved? Let me know what you think in the comment section and your thoughts on VR sex.

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 11.12.57 am


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