It’s time for a vacation

Blogging is difficult. This is something I’ve had to learn and live with this year in my Advertising and Marketing Communications program. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I completely hate it… I’d much rather blog than write an essay or present in front of an audience, but I must say that I am happy my blogging career is on summer vacation.

Key Lesson
Although blogging wasn’t my favourite thing to do, I have definitely learned a few valuable lessons from it, one of these lessons being that formatting is a very important thing to take into consideration if you ever decide you want to become a member in the blogging world. Without proper format, readers could get confused, lose track or even lose interest. Block format should always be used as it helps keep your blog looking clean and organized. If you’re writing a blog with multiple points, it’s important to use headings so your reader knows what he/she is about to read… and let’s face it, we all get lazy and want to skip to the important parts. Finally, it’s important to use the bullet tool if you’re stating information with 3 points or more.

After having blogged for approximately 8 months, I have come to terms that I will not be a professional or consistent blogger in my life time, and that’s okay. I have enjoy being able to share my opinion and journey with others but I feel like when you’re given a subject to talk about, it takes the fun out of blogging. It feels more like homework…in fact it is homework. Blogging may be fun to others and I commend them on that, but I have learned that I’d much rather read a blog than write one.

Global Audience
To me, I am not scared that I am writing to a global audience regularly because I feel as though nobody except my teachers and occasionally my peers read my blog. If, for some strange reason, my blog was shared to millions of people, I would understand how scary it could be because everyone shares their own differences in opinions.

Blogging future
My blogging future is going to come to an end when I graduate, and I am 100% ok with this. I’m happy that I had this experience because I feel as though it has shaped me into a better more confident writer, but I am happy to move forward and work on things I enjoy and am passionate about. As for now, I’ll see you all again in the fall as I’m sure my blogging vacation will come to an end. Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts and opinions.


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